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Why Stay in the Host Hotel?

Keep your registration fees low!

By staying at the official HFES Annual Meeting hotel, the Marriott Marquis Hotel Atlanta, you’re helping to keep registration fees down. The hotel provides complimentary meeting rooms to HFES if, and only if, we meet the required minimum hotel rooms in our hotel contract. Otherwise, HFES must pay for meeting rooms as well as for each hotel sleeping room we fall below that minimum. This means registration rates will go up. Stay at the host hotel and help everyone save!

Networking opportunities!

There are always Annual Meeting attendees in the lobby and other public spaces of the host hotel, so it is much easier to network if you stay at the host hotel. 

It’s convenient!

Each morning, it’s a quick trip to the meeting rooms. Later in the day, it’s just a quick trip to pop back to your room for a quick phone call or a break. You’ll have a better Annual Meeting experience in the host hotel!


Please Note: HFES will not email you to solicit rooms. If you are contacted by a third party company regarding hotel reservations, please ignore the request to prevent fraudulent scams.


The bottom line is that staying at our host hotel give you a better Annual Meeting experience, it helps keep your registration rates low each year, AND you get the best registration rate on this year’s Annual Meeting! Please do your part and support the Annual Meeting by staying at the official meeting hotel – the  Marriott Marquis Hotel Atlanta!

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