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Extended Reality Track
Track Chair: Kay Stanney, Design Interactive

Digital Transformation: How XR Provides Unique Value to Industry 4.0 

  • Join a storytelling session reflecting on authentic experiences of those who have been in the thick of XR adoption

  • Engage with a Newlywed Panel musing about XR adoption, while audience members participate through a live poll

  • Enjoy a Fireside Chat with an XR visionary

  • Experience a Speakers’ Corner Debate, where the light and dark side of XR adoption are hotly debated

  • Participate in a Speakers’ Quiz, where the speakers are asked to guess the top live-poll audience answers to critical questions regarding XR adoption

  • Network with top industry leaders and academicians engaged in the world of eXtended Reality

Keynote Presenter
Featuring Opening Keynote Address by Amy Peck, Founder and CEO of EndeavorVR

Amy Peck, EndeavorXR

Amy Peck is the Founder & CEO of EndeavorXR, a leading global XR strategy & consulting firm. She is one of the world’s foremost experts on immersive technology, the Metaverse, Web 3.0 and Blockchain. She is a recognized futurist and thought leader, and speaks globally on emerging technology and innovation. She advises Fortune 500 companies, government entities, digital media/production companies and

tech startups on The Metaverse, Web3, XR strategy, tech-forward digital transformation and insights into the Future of Work.


Amy is an angel investor and Venture Partner at the Capital Region XR Accelerator. Amy sits on the Board of Advisors for multiple companies and is Co-chair of Prospera Women, a global organization supporting female-led startups. She works with universities and government agencies advising on the development of innovation hubs, accelerators and emerging technology programs.


Amy’s forte is distilling complex technologies into meaningful solutions across multiple verticals and business lines, delivering strategy and resources at scale. In her work with Fortune 500 companies, she focuses on combining XR, 5G, AI, Blockchain and other emerging tech to shape an impactful future. Amy works tirelessly to instill a positive vision of future tech and to inspire action on a global level.


She started her 25-year career as Head of Music Licensing at Polygram UK, then as Producer and Executive Producer for 100+ commercials and music videos for some of the largest artists, directors and production companies in Los Angeles. She launched Metro New York suburban markets for social commerce platform Living Social. Right before her foray into emerging technology in 2012, she led a team at J.P. Morgan Chase in launching a new product category. Shortly thereafter, she was introduced to Virtual Reality which was the moment she decided she wanted to dedicate her time to immersive technology. Her well-honed business acumen, combined with her deep understanding of technology have propelled her to become an industry leader.


Her own personal mission is to see technology accessible to all - fundamentally improving every aspect of our lives and elevating the way we work, learn, communicate and play.

Track Program

Saturday, October 15th


8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

2:00 PM -3:00 PM

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM



Newlywed Panel: Sharing XR Lessons Learned

Elizabeth Baron, Unity; Carolina Cruz-Neira, University of Central Florida; Amy Peck, EndeavorXR; Kay Stanney, Design Interactive, Inc.

Moderator: Emily Mills, Design Interactive, Inc.

XR Storytelling Journey

Elizabeth Baron, Unity; Doug House, Porsche

Moderator: Brian Laughlin, The Boeing Company

XR Early Adopter Fireside Chat

Mary Cole, Wayfair; Blaire MacIntyre, Georgia Tech

Moderator: Carolina Cruz-Neira, University of Central Florida 

XR Speakers’ Quiz

Scott Burkey, Westrock; Amy Peck, EndeavorXR; Dirk Reiners, University of Central Florida, Computer Science

Moderator: Elizabeth Baron, Unity

Speakers' Corner Debate: What’s More Important to the Adoption of XR Technology: Digital Twins or Digital Phenotypes?

Fabio Terasaka, Hitachi Vantara; Brent Winslow, Design Interactive

Moderator: Emily Mills, Design Interactive, Inc.

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